Covid-19 : Business (nearly) as usual - read more

Online CRS Reporting Service Status : Operating Normally

Online FATCA Reporting Service Status : Operating Normally

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Covid-19 : Business (nearly) as usual

Mar 12, 2020

Guernsey is now in lockdown as of 25th March, but Fusion continues to operate almost as normal as our staff have been working from home for just over a week now.

FATCA & CRS Online Reporting services : Open for Business, Turn around times normal.

We are continuing to engage with new customers in addition to servicing repeat business.  Our latest engagement is for a new customer reporting into Hong Kong. Contact us in the usual way. 

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Covid-19 is having an increasing and far-reaching impact on all aspects of our lives wherever we are in the world.  As a tech business we are not dependant on operating exclusively from our physical office and our staff are now working from home.  We will still be able to deliver all of the usual support services to our customers as business as usual.  We have written to customers to advise in greater detail of on-going service and support arrangements. 

As you can imagine we will always be considering the health interests of our staff first and will ensure our actions are in accordance with guidance issued by relevant authorities. We will update this information should circumstances change.

Alan Rowe
Managing Director - Fusion Systems Limited