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Business is all about relationships and in addition to working directly with clients we will engage with other organisations worldwide to provide referral, representation and service provision for our products in order that our clients have the best user experience possible. We can do this on several different levels depending on the product and the desires of the prospective partner. In addition to reselling the branded product OEM product opportunities are also available.

Flyingboat Tax Data Exchange, our software tool for FATCA and CRS reporting provides numerous opportunities around the world and we offer packages to suit different levels of engagement. 

  • Referal opportunities exist for low volume requirements processed through our Bureau Service which may be attractive for consultants active in provision of tax reporting compliance advice.  Commissions payable and no commitment.
  • Franchise opportunity for businesses wanting to run their own out sourced reporting solution in a territory(s)  which suits those more actively involved in IT solution provision or in the provision of tax advice services 
  • Representation / Reseller agent - for those businesses interested in representation opportunities to expand their product offering and provide support to clients.
  • OEM & Host System Integration - for software vendors wishing to integrate a CRS / FATCA reporting solution into their own software offering without the burden of development and ongoing maintenance. Our data integration module provides a rapid integration solution.

Our Flyingboat Wealth Management software is a more complex product and usualy involves a long sales cycle but the reward is often a long term partnership with the client. Although more suited to representation agreements and a longer term commitment to the product, referal arrangements are also available.

Referral Partners are those who have a good understanding of our products and provide opportunities to introduce prospective clients and users of our services to us. Referral partners need not be actively involved in delivery of service.

Business Partners sell and provide service directly to users of our software and services and provide the first line of support backed up by ourselves.  These arrangements can work with different types of organisations - professional advisors as well as tech companies.

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